State Representative

Thomas Ray Albright photo

Thomas Ray Albright

Occupation: Student at University of Oregon; Retailer

Occupational Background: Vice Chairman, University of Oregon College Republicans; Political Director, Oregon Federation of College Republicans

Educational Background: Junior, University of Oregon; Woodburn High School, full CIM diploma

Prior Governmental Experience: Woodburn Community Center Planning Committee

Tom will make fighting for stable funding of Oregon's schools his top priority. As a student, Tom knows first hand the hardships that students and teachers face and the damage to Oregon caused by shortchanging education. If elected, Tom will also fight to end the unfunded mandate of the 21st Century School Bill, which puts undue stress on school boards, teachers and students. If Oregon's youth are to enter the marketplace of ideas, they need to have a full, well-rounded education.

Oregon has recently been listed as one of the most business friendly states in the Union. While this may be true, Oregon still isn't friendly enough. Red tape and high taxes are killing Oregon's small businesses. As your Representative, Tom will fight to keep Eugene and Oregon businesses strong by keeping their taxes down. A lucrative business environment means more jobs for Eugene and Oregon.

Responsive Government
Tom realizes that government power is granted only by the will of the people. This is a responsibility that Tom takes very seriously. If elected, Tom promises to listen to the concerns of all members of his district, and try to find equitable solutions to their problems. Every individual and business owner knows that they must live within their means. This is a lesson the Oregon legislature has yet to learn. This state, and its youth, can no longer afford the belief that social programs come before education and economic prosperity. As your Representative, Tom will fight to keep Oregon's spending down and taxes in check.

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(This information furnished by Albright for Oregon.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722