Jason A. Atkinson photo

Jason A. Atkinson

Occupation: Business Owner; Oregon State Senator; Author

Occupational Background: Corporate turnaround consultant; radio broadcaster; alpine ski coach; farm laborer.

Educational Background: Master of Management (MBA), Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management; Bachelor of Science, Political Science and History, Cum Laude, Southern Oregon State College; Oregon Public Schools.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Senator 2000-present; Assistant Majority Leader; Majority Whip; Committee Chair; State Representative 1998-2000.

Jason Atkinson is the Next Generation to Lead Oregon

Oregon can be great again, but it will take a new generation of leaders to fix the problems we face. The only certainty is that Oregon continues going in the wrong direction. Government has lost credibility with Oregonians, but it can be fixed.

As Senator, Jason Atkinson has a proven, consistent, and committed track record of service to Oregon. Jason Atkinson stands with farmers, with small business owners, with college students. He stands for taxpayers, the unemployed, and senior citizens. Jason Atkinson created a long list of accomplishments and a reputation for optimism, hard work and independence.

Jason Atkinson represents what is best in Oregon. As Governor, Jason Atkinson will take power away from special interests and give it back to people. As Governor, Jason Atkinson will work for the safety and security of Oregonians and protection of children by locking up sexual predators, fighting meth and helping Oregonians overcome addictions. As Governor, Jason Atkinson will control Oregon's illegal immigration problem, respecting people and taxpayers. As Governor, Jason Atkinson will eliminate Capital Gains taxes, use the power of the veto pen to force the education budget to be passed first, not last, and will finally accomplish what Oregonians want most: to be respected again.

Jason Atkinson knows the private sacrifice of public leadership and values the hopes of Oregonians who want to believe again.

Forty years ago, Oregonians trusted a new generation to lead Oregon. Today, there is hope again.

Vote Jason Atkinson, our next Governor.

(This information furnished by Atkinson for Governor.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722