State Representative

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Domonic Biggi

Occupation: Executive Management

Occupational Background: Sales and Marketing, Small Business Management

Educational Background: B.A., Oregon State University, Business Management

Prior Governmental Experience: Washington County Planning Commissioner, 6 years

"Growing up in this area and raising my own children here, I want our community to continue to grow and thrive and I believe other people want similar things for themselves and their families. I also believe voters deserve to have someone in Salem asking fair, but tough questions about how we spend tax dollars and what we get in return. Our elected leaders need to be willing to take responsibility for their actions and to lead. How the state has managed PERS for example is proof that our priorities are upside down. While we are dumping millions of dollars into a bloated state retirement system, our children, our economy, our healthcare system and our seniors are all suffering. We need new leadership and a new direction for 21st century solutions."

Domonic Biggi

A New Direction to Save Schools

We need to have a tough discussion on stabilizing education funding. We need to provide capital for new facilities for overcrowded schools. We need a realignment of education funds to solve the out-of-balance funding challenge. We need programs to help integrate non-English speaking kids faster and better into the workforce. We need more accountability with regard to the performance of schools.

More Jobs, More Stability

We need government out of the way of job growth. We need a culture of cultivating existing employers and business. We need to quit putting up barriers to attracting new employers who want to locate here.

Transportation and Livability

Thousands of new people will be moving into our area in the coming months and years and we aren't prepared to manage the growth. Transportation issues are becoming more of an issue which requires new leadership and new attention to preserve a decent quality of life for all of us.

(This information furnished by Friends of Domonic Biggi.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722