State Representative

Robin M. Brown photo

Robin M. Brown

Occupation: Retail Sales

Occupational Background: Military Officer, Army helicopter pilot, Paratrooper

Educational Background: BS, Fordham University, 1997

Prior Governmental Experience: Aviation Company Commander, Strategic Aviation Planner, Human Resources Director, Platoon Leader

ROBIN BROWN, A Champion for our community

  • Robin, with her husband Jason, spent 8 years serving our country and has come home to serve our district.
  • With two tours in Iraq, Robin has honed the necessary leadership skills to balance resources with objectives.
  • A natural and independent leader, Robin is exactly what our community needs to fight for legislation and policies that will improve the quality of life for all of our citizens, young and old.

Better Education- Robin Brown understands the problems facing public education.

  • Spending in Oregon schools K-12 is at an all-time high. Robin will thoughtfully work to make Oregon's education system better.
  • Robin will work to maximize dollars spent in the K-12 classroom to ensure efficiency in our educational system.
  • Robin supports higher education in our colleges, as well as our universities.

Responsible Public Policy- Robin Brown is committed to keeping our streets safe

  • Oregon's methamphetamine use is the highest in the nation per capita! Robin will work for tougher penalties for drug dealers and to educate the public on this increasingly dangerous problem.
  • Robin believes in a zero tolerance policy for sexual predators and the need to increase law enforcement personnel and support facilities.

Economic Development- Robin Brown believes in smart land-use planning

  • Robin knows that jobs and prosperity come with a healthy and vibrant business environment
  • Smart land-use planning balances the general public welfare with the rights of the property owner

Robin Brown as your State Representative will fight to defend our culture, our rights and a healthy environment for the future of Oregon.

(This information furnished by Robin Brown.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722