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Kevin Cameron

Occupation: Small Business Owner; Founder/CEO Café Today LLC Restaurants

Occupational Background: Business, Director of Operations; District Manager, Training Director, Hospitality Industry

Educational Background: Oregon State University, B.S. Business Marketing; one year completed of Executive MBA program, University of Colorado

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, 2005 Legislative Session - Committee for Health and Human Services; Committee for General Government. 2006 Legislative Interim - Vice-Chair of the Committee on Business, Labor and Consumer Affairs; Judiciary Committee.

Family: Married since 1982 to wife, Judy Cameron (Wallace). Children: Brianne (21), Amanda (18).

Recognized for Leadership
"Restaurateur of the Year" - 2000, Oregon Restaurant Association
"Taxpayer Watchdog Award" - 2005, Taxpayers Association of Oregon
"Rising Star Award" - 2005, Oregon Nurses Association

Accountability in Government
Kevin Cameron wants more accountability and a more responsive state government. He believes that programs funded by taxpayers need to be competitive and evaluated to make sure they are effective. Kevin is a leader with the will and experience to make tough decisions and make the necessary changes for Oregon.

New Solutions for Education
Kevin Cameron believes that a quality education is achieved through family and community involvement with teachers. He believes that we need leaders that will work towards a system that rewards excellence and encourages families to participate in their child's education. Kevin supports a funding solution to stabilize education funding allowing administrators, teachers, and students to plan for the future.

Focus on Meth; Safer Neighborhoods
Kevin Cameron has a passion for safer neighborhoods and believes our children deserve stronger leaders that will fight for their protection. He believes we need to continue working to find more solutions to the methamphetamine problem and criminals that prey on our children, ultimately creating healthier communities for all citizens.

"I believe my role is to advocate for the people of my district. In order to do this effectively, I start by listening and then move to find solutions. I work hard to be accessible." - Kevin Cameron

(This information furnished by Kevin Cameron for Oregon.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722