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Eldon Derville-Teer

Occupation: Small Business Owner; Outside Sales.

Occupational Background: Television Sports Production, Ohlmeyer Communications, ESPN, ABC Sports; Outside Sales for Industrial Tool Distribution.

Educational Background: Principia College, B.A. Mass Communications.

Prior Governmental Experience: Grateful recipient of Small Business Administration loan; continual positive dealings with Yamhill County Department of Health and Human Services.

Affiliations: Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce; Paul Revere Society.

Family: My lovely wife of 12 years Holly and I have three beautiful children together.

We are all tremendously fortunate to live in one of the greatest states in our nation and we need to fight to keep it safe and prosperous.

The powerful public employee unions have a strangle hold on our elected officials and are pulling the focus off the three most important challenges to our immediate future: public safety, illegal immigration, and outdated public employee pension funds.

Furthermore, the legislature must acknowledge what we all know to be true; that sexual predators cannot be reformed. Violent criminals and drug dealers are a scourge on our communities and must be penalized harshly. State police, sheriff departments and prosecutors need to have proper funding to combat homeland terrorists and their conspirators. All of these people listed above deserve life in prison without parole on their first offense.

Combating illegal immigration is my greatest concern. Exacting crippling financial penalties to companies who hire exploited undocumented workers is one key way to take charge of the epidemic. Another way to fight back is to deny tax funded services to illegal immigrants. Incarceration until deportation should be our strictly enforced state policy.

Creating a culture where public safety and illegal immigration are primary concerns comes with new costs which could easily be covered by diverting funds from our state's welfare programs.

I have a vision that will enable Oregon to remain a great place to live and I have the will to make it happen.

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(This information furnished by Eldon Derville-Teer.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722