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Bill Eddie

Occupation: Dentistry

Occupational Background: 25 years owning and managing a dental practice. Instructor Lane Community College Dental Hygiene School

Educational Background: Foothills Junior College, University of California at Davis - Biochemistry, University of the Pacific Dental School - D.D.S 1976

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct committee person; 3 years US Army; Vietnam Veteran

Community Service: Little League; coach, manager and administrator for 12 years. Rotary and Lions Clubs.

Special Accomplishments:

Author: "The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth"

Pro Business

I am running for State Senate because Oregon is moving in the wrong direction. This great state, once a shining example of the American spirit, has become paralyzed by government bureaucracy. We need to welcome new business and show respect for individual property rights. By attracting good, high paying jobs, we can increase state revenue for education and public safety.

Let's increase the tax base, not increase taxes.

Anti Crime

Methamphetamine use is out of control in Oregon. 80% of property and personal crime in the state is related to the meth epidemic. I would like to see Oregon be the safest state in the country to raise a family.

Let's lock up criminals, not cold medicine.

Pro Education

Education is the gift that we give our children and represents the future of our country. I would advocate reform that produces students who can better compete in our global economy. We need to recognize teachers as professionals and accord them the respect and resources necessary to teach our children.

We need to set aside politics, put children first and make
Oregon a true leader in education

I live with my wife of 35 years, Marion. We have three children, and two adorable grandkids.

I love Oregon's great outdoors, especially when rowing a drift boat or fly-fishing.

I need your support and vote
to move Oregon in a better direction.


(This information furnished by Bill Eddie for State Senate.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722