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Don Fell

Occupation: Retired Engineer

Occupational Background: Engineer, Director Research & Development of Specialty Materials & Processes company working on solution to environmental problems, Graduate Researcher Scientist at Penn State and University of Washington; Materials Design Engineer of NASA SpaceShuttle, Rockwell International-Space; Grocery Clerk with UFCW local-1105 Union

Educational Background: Graduate studies: University of Washington, Pennsylvania State University; Undergraduate studies: University of Washington, Western Washington State

Prior Governmental Experience: Clatsop Recreational Lands Advisory Committee; Legislative Researcher for State Senator George, 1999-06.

WHY VOTE for DON FELL .for children, jobs, education and economic development

  • Oregonians export our most precious commodity, our children. They leave for college and don't return, due to lack of quality-family wage jobs.
  • Oregon is blessed with an abundance of Natural Resources. There should be an abundance of family-jobs in agriculture, fishing, and timber. Don supports the family farms, forestry, and fishing on streams, rivers, and ocean.
  • More roads and road-lanes for Oregon Citizens
  • DON believes government should work with business to solve environmental problems, protecting Oregon's natural beauty-not roadblocks that prevent quality Natural Resource jobs, nor limiting our personal enjoyment of this natural beauty.
  • DON believes governments, like families should live within its budget, plan for rainy days and emergencies, NOT new taxes.
  • DON believes in quality education for children, reduce State mandates, let Teachers teach, return school control to parents and local boards.

The Oregon economic environment that provides jobs for you, your family and friends, continues to be business un-friendly. Businesses are leaving Oregon, taking jobs. Your job may be next. Please help me change Oregon government's response to you.

"Don served as my special legislative aide on coastal and environmental issues. Whether in defense of jobs, saving the kicker, increasing road capacity or salmon restoration; Don has worked for a healthy economy and maintaining livability"
Senator George, District 12.

".it doesn't take a Rocket Engineer

to represent us in Government,

.but it sure can help!"

(This information furnished by Citizens for Fell.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722