State Representative

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Linda Flores

Occupation: Homemaker/Volunteer

Occupational Background: Small business; Legal Assistant; Executive Assistant; Federal Highway Administration

Educational Background: Continuing Legal Education courses; Portland State University; Clackamas High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committeeperson; State Representative; Chair, House Education Committee; House Judiciary Committee; House State and Federal Affairs Committee; Vice Chair, Joint Special Committee on Public Education Appropriation

A Plan for Education:

  • Quality education and accountability remain high priorities for policy solutions
  • Continue with work to focus education policy more on the success of our students than on preserving the system
  • Education funding debate needs to embrace not only the amount of the revenue but, importantly, how the money is spent
  • Work to guarantee a stable and predictable funding level for every student
  • Provide a framework for stable spending path for each school district

A Jobs Package:

  • Work to add to our state tax base by creating businessfriendly environment that provides jobs
  • Remove unnecessary regulatory barriers
  • Create new business incentives
  • Reduce or eliminate capital gains tax
  • Eliminate the death tax (unfair penalty on families with small businesses)

Agriculture and Natural Resources:

  • Advocate for responsible management rather than restrictive regulation
  • Protect private property rights and support complete review of land use laws and regulations
  • Support production of renewable energies

Public Safety:

  • Combat meth crimes and punish offenders
  • Work to enact "Jessica's Law" here in Oregon

"I don't believe the solution to every problem is to throw money at it. Linda has continued her commitment to craft sound public policy by holding public agencies and the education establishment accountable. Refreshing."

Donald Starr
Retired teacher and school principal

"I respect people who keep their word. Linda promised to work to limit the growth of government and tax increases, and to find efficiencies in government. She kept her word; we can count on her."

Chip Sammons
Owner, Holistic Pet Center


(This information furnished by Friends of Linda Flores.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722