State Representative

Jeff Kropf photo

Jeff Kropf

Occupation: Radio talk show host; Farmer

Occupational Background: Farmer

Educational Background: Linn-Benton Community College; High School Diploma

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Sublimity Fire board Halsey Planning commission; Oregon Connections Academy school board

Re-Elect Jeff Kropf

It has been an absolute honor to serve you these last eight years and I am asking you to return me to the legislature to work for you again.

Accomplishments last session: I am most proud of my legislation benefiting our Oregon National Guardsmen, Reservists and Veterans which was a direct result of my conversations with Oregon National Guardsmen when I visited them in Iraq during Thanksgiving 2004.

Bills Passed

  1. Oregon income tax return check off to help wounded soldiers pay their bills while recovering
  2. $1000 property tax exemption for deployed soldiers
  3. Former military can buy into PERS
  4. Streamlined property tax appeals
  5. Helping the Agriculture Department deal with noxious weeds and damaging flocks of geese
  6. Reduces workers compensation costs for employers
  7. Responsible budget that didn't raise taxes and funded a small reserve fund.

Bills Not Passing

  1. Incentives to establish the bio-fuels industry in Oregon, stimulating our natural resource industries, creating cleaner air to breathe and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
  2. Stopping DMV from giving licenses to illegal aliens
  3. Redirecting money from the arts to enhance our ability to fight terrorism

What I want to accomplish next session

  1. More state troopers on the road to keep you safe
  2. Deny taxpayer funded services to illegal aliens
  3. Reduce the size of government through privatization
  4. Create a permanent state rainy day fund.
  5. Better educate our kids by making every public school a charter school
  6. Create a tax free Oregon Health Savings Account to reduce your health care costs
  7. Protect our private property rights by clarifying Measure 37
  8. Help our war veterans when they return home.

I humbly ask for your vote.

(This information furnished by Jeff Kropf for State Representative.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722