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Jay Kushner

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Occupational Background: Business Owner- Engineering; Project Manager- biotech labs; Project Engineer- semiconductor fabs; Draftsman;

Educational Background: Stanford, MSc. Civil Engineering; Stanford, M.Architecture Architecture and Urban Design; University of Wisconsin, BA Cultural History;

Prior Governmental Experience: Planning Commission-2 years; Neighborhood Boards Mediator-10 years, San Mateo, California;

My candidacy to be your state representative is a departure from politics-as-usual. I am an Eisenhower Republican dedicated to fiscal responsibility, environmental sustainability, thrifty government, impartial justice, tolerance and liberty. I believe the problems that mire Oregon's Legislature can be overcome when legislators of goodwill from both parties serve the people first. We Portland Republicans have more in common politically with our Democratic neighbors than we have with rural-Georgia Republicans. And our Democratic neighbors share more goals with us than with the anti-capitalists who dominate their local party politics. Let us govern sensibly choosing pragmatism over ideology, charity over malice and giving thoughtful consideration to the opportunities that globalization presents for Oregon's economy and environment not just to its detriments.

Our economy can ride the wave of globalization by promoting Agriculture, Ecology and Technology as Oregon's offerings to the world. The future belongs to the smart and we face enormous global brainpower competition. Our state should make education - preschool to grad school, and trades education - useful and worthwhile to its citizens. If that means unessential agencies and sacred cows in the state budget are pushed aside to free up money for first class education that is what we must do. We cannot prosper otherwise.

Urban and rural, liberal and conservative, we are all in this boat together and if we don't pull the oars intelligently we will surely sink into backwardness together. My candidacy will promote a self-reliant Oregon: buying locally and selling globally, educating for the future, knowing Oregon's prime place in the world and getting us there.

(This information furnished by Jay Kushner.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722