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Gordon Leitch

Occupation: Retired Ophthalmologist;

Occupational Background: Established ophthalmology practice in Portland 1963; LCDR US Navy Medical Corps Vietnam War 1966-1968, Ophthalmology Chief Bremerton, WA Naval Hospital 1 year, Ophthalmologist Camp Pendleton, CA Naval Hospital 1 year, period as Chief; Honorable Discharge 1968, re-started practice in Portland; Active retirement 1994 to present.

Educational Background: Graduated Ainsworth Grade School Portland 1947, Lincoln High School Portland 1951, Whitman College Walla Walla, WA 1955 - math-physics major, elected to Phi Beta Kappa; Graduated Johns Hopkins Medical School Baltimore, MD 1959; Completed ophthalmology specialty training Montreal General Hospital Montreal, Quebec 1963;

Prior Governmental Experience: Precinct Committeeman.

Reasons For Seeking Election: I am seeking to be elected your next Governor in order to give you the tax relief to which you are entitled by law, to get you your civil and constitutionally guaranteed monetary rights under the Oregon and United States Constitutions, and to create more jobs in Oregon. I intend to implement your relief by both a 50% property tax reduction and a 90% capital gains tax reduction immediately upon election November 7. This relief occurs for you because of legal errors and ignoring of Oregon and United States Constitution requirements. I intend also to take Oregon properly into the international community by implementing a $1 Oregon Income Tax Credit for you and all taxpayers, whenever any business headquartered and incorporated in Oregon has, establishes, or maintains an operating office or business enterprise in any foreign country or territory that maintains a full circulating gold and silver coinage among its people. It is my plan, moreover, for tax free interest on gold and silver savings accounts opened at Oregon chartered banks, and to provide at least a 30% discount to Oregon income taxpayers if they pay in the honest dollar - a gold coin. Vote Leitch 4 Governor, $$ 4 You!

(This information furnished by Gordon Leitch.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722