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Renee Lindsey

Occupation: Network Operation Supervisor, Qwest Communications

Occupational Background: Qwest Communications (Cable Splicer, Systems Technician, Central Office Technician, and Supervisor)

Educational Background: Linn-Benton Community College; Linfield College; Corporate based technical and management training

Prior Governmental Experience: Lebanon Community School District School Board 1999-2003; Lebanon Community School District Budget Committee 1999-present

Organizations: American Legion Auxiliary; Oregon Farm Bureau

Family: 2 children


Renee Lindsey wants to return pride and trust to Oregonians by giving the Legislature back to the people. State leaders must address the priorities of the residents and taxpayers of the state. As a leader in her community, Renee understands our concerns and will work hard to see that Oregon's future is bright.


As a mother, I will fight to pass a law to protect our children from sexual predators. This is a real issue and it is sad state of affairs that this has not been a priority.


The Legislature must address the issue of illegal immigration into Oregon. This has created a significant strain on the state budget in relation to law enforcement, prisons, schools and social services. States are not the appropriate providers of Foreign Aid.


Renee will fight to reduce government waste. Renee firmly believes it is critical for the future of Oregon that government gets spending under control. Instead of trying to find ways to overthrow initiatives the voters passed, the legislature need to work for the will of the people without being overly restrictive to business and the citizens. Mortgaging our future is not fiscal discipline.

"As a mother and fellow Oregonian, I am disappointed that the Oregon Senate has failed to bring forward and pass legislation that will protect our children, our tax dollars and our future." -
Renee Lindsey

(This information furnished by Renee Lindsey.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722