State Representative

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Bill Lioio

Occupation: Private Investigator; Small Business Owner.

Occupational Background: Police Officer; Property Manager; Locksmith.

Educational Background: University of Oregon BS, Infantry Officer Candidate School, Fort Benning, GA.

Prior Governmental Experience: Infantry Officer, U.S. Army


The status quo in Salem is unacceptable. It treats Oregonians as incompetents or children who need a government program to fix every problem. And new programs need more bureaucrats to be paid for by more taxes. More bureaucrats mean more laws, regulations and restrictions that lead to less freedom for you. The current institutional culture in our government allows for outrageous treatment of citizens by the very government agencies that are supposed to serve them. The incumbent hasn't been willing to pursue the fundamental structural reforms needed to put our government back under the control of the taxpayers.

I'm not a career politician. I have strong values and beliefs but I'm not dogmatic. Reasoned argument will always be listened to and respected by me. I understand that a legislator represents not just those who voted for him, but also those who didn't.

If you think that spending over ten thousand dollars per year per student isn't enough to get good results, don't vote for me!

If you think that a hostile regulatory environment will improve our economy, don't vote for me!

If you think we don't need more accountability from the government that we pay for, don't vote for me!

If you enjoy having bureaucrats with more control than you over what happens on your property, at your business or in your home, don't vote for me.

I think that if you are competent enough to support yourself and pay taxes, your competent to make rational decisions about your own life.

You can't expect to get different results by voting the same way. Change can only come if you change the way you vote. I'm running to give you that opportunity.



(This information furnished by Bill Lioio for State Rep.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722