Kevin Mannix photo

Kevin Mannix

Occupation: Attorney

Occupational Background: Small Business Owner

Educational Background: University of Virginia, College and Law Degrees

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative, State Senator; Assistant Attorney General, Administrative Law Judge

Courageous Leadership in the Oregon Tradition

After 20 years of Democratic governors, Kevin Mannix will clean out management deadwood in state government, making it user friendly for Oregonians.

Kevin is the only gubernatorial candidate endorsed by Oregon Right To Life PAC.

Fighting Higher Taxes

As state GOP Chairman, Kevin helped lead the fight to defeat Kulongoski's huge tax increase (Measure 30). Americans for Tax Reform recognized Kevin for his "untiring efforts in the fight against higher taxes." (Press Release, 4/12/04)

Kevin has signed the NO NEW TAXES PLEDGE.

Creating Jobs

Kevin will cut red tape, so Oregon businesses can thrive. Kevin will become Oregon's number one business recruiter.

"What I like about Kevin is the way he is always thinking. He's constantly looking for new ways to solve Oregon's problems."
Bob Lanphere Jr., Beaverton Businessman

Helping Kids

With creative ideas like his Teacher Corps program, Kevin will reduce class sizes and make schools work better for our kids.

"Kevin understands the problems and needs of Oregon's schools. His plans, such as the Teacher Corps, are innovations that speak to the troubles facing our schools."
Guido Caldarazzo - Retired Public School Principal

Protecting Communities

"As a legislator, Kevin passed landmark laws in anti-stalking, Measure 11, and cracking down on drunk driving that give us vital tools for our fight against crime. I like his vision for law enforcement."
Jeff Leighty, President, Oregon State Police Officers Association

"I support Kevin because he will work to increase access to healthcare for our kids and seniors." Shelli Atchley, Registered Nurse, Albany


"Unlike some candidates who tell a different story depending on where they are, Kevin doesn't say one thing in rural Oregon and something entirely different when he's in the city." Kathy LeCompte, Owner, Brooks Tree Farm


(This information furnished by Mannix for Oregon.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722