State Representative

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Karen Minnis

Occupation: Speaker, Oregon House of Representatives

Occupational Background: State Representative, Homemaker

Educational Background: James Monroe High School, attended Clark Community College

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative 1999-present; House Majority Leader, 2001-2002; House Speaker, January 2003-present; Co-Chair, Emergency Board; Co-Chair, Legislative Counsel Committee

Karen Minnis.A Leader for East County

Karen Minnis understands East County because she has lived in this area her whole life. In her role as Speaker of the House, Karen was responsible for bringing $1.5 million dollars to the area for gang enforcement and to fight crime. Karen is passionate about protecting the quality of life in East County.

A Stable Schools Plan That Can Work

Karen has proposed a new concept to fund education which won't increase taxes-the stable schools plan. This plan dedicates 51% of existing income taxes to schools and provides a rainy day fund-giving them the stability they need and kids the opportunities they deserve.

A Strong Economy Creates Jobs, Limiting the Need to Talk about Taxes

Karen believes, if we are stimulating and protecting jobs, Oregon's economy hums and taxes are produced to pay for essential services. With a strong economy there is no need to talk about new taxes and eroding personal earning power. Karen will always focus first on job creation as a solution to stabilizing our communities, schools, law enforcement and other critical state programs.

Oregon's Meth Problem Runs Deep and Affects our Communities

Karen helped pass new legislation to try to curb the Meth epidemic in Oregon, but she believes more work needs to be done. The Meth problem is affecting how secure we feel in our homes as Meth addicts look for ways to fund their habit through crime. Karen's not done working on the Meth problem; it is a top priority for her.

"We must continue to make the economy and education priorities so Oregon is an attractive place to do business and raise a family." - Karen Minnis

(This information furnished by Friends of Karen Minnis.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722