State Representative

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Dave Mowry

Occupation: Retired Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Legislative Coordinator; Owner, Six Subway Sandwich Shops; Regional Sales Manager, Franz Bakery

Educational Background: B.S. Community Development, Portland State University; Willamette Law School (2 years); Mt. Hood Community College; David Douglas High

Prior Governmental Experience: Legislative Coordinator, State Representative Linda Flores; Precinct Committee Person

Community Activities: Member, New Budget Coalition; Member, Committee for the Future of North Clackamas

Represents the Voters

Dave is a native Oregonian with a long and deep understanding of Oregon's people and issues. That is why Dave wants to fund education within the first 81 days of the legislative session. This will create smaller class sizes and keep the education budget from being used as a political football by Salem special interests.

The Clear Choice

Dave Mowry knows that raising taxes is not the solution to the states spending problems. Dave has been a strong advocate of requiring state government to live within its means.just like we have to.

"Dave will make a great State Representative! We strongly support him and ask you to vote for Dave Mowry."

Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC

Creating A Strong Economy

Dave Mowry understands how to create jobs and energize the economy. Dave has personally experienced the ups and downs of the employment market.and Dave will fight to make sure that Oregon families have jobs and a bright future for our children.


Dave Mowry is a candidate who transcends politics, stands up to special interests, and has the vision to do what is truly best for the state of Oregon.

(This information furnished by Friends of Dave Mowry.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722