State Representative

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Norm Myers

Occupation: Appraiser

Occupational Background: Property Appraisal, Insurance, Engineering, Vocational Training

Educational Background: B.A. in Education, University of Washington; Engineering coursework, Portland State College

Prior Governmental Experience: Clatsop County Assessor; Knappa Water Board; Tongue Point Fire Dept.; Garibaldi Fire Dept.; Tillamook County Road Advisory Commission; Northwest Oregon Housing Authority

Community Service: Tillamook County Traffic Safety Commission; South Fork Prison Advisory Commission


Restoring Confidence in Government
Norm recognizes Oregonians feel disconnected from government. As State Representative, he will work to restore our confidence in state government by making it more efficient, effective and accountable.

Putting Our Priorities First
Norm will put our priorities first in the Legislature. He will be guided by the people in his district, not by politicians from Portland. Norm understands our community is unique, and he will oppose "one size fits all" laws and regulations that don't meet our needs.

Supporting Responsible Natural Resource Management
Norm believes natural resources need to be properly managed. He supports responsible management of our natural and renewable resources.

Making Oregon Better for our Children and Grandchildren
Norm believes that dollars spent on helping young people will reduce larger expenses later. He will work to provide adequate and stable funding for our schools. Norm understands that education should prepare all students for life skills, not just the college bound.

Protecting Private Property Rights
Norm believes that property rights are an important foundation for a free country. He will make sure our land-use system works for, and not against, Oregonians.

Improving Our Transportation System and Making it Safer
Norm will work hard to improve our roads and highways. He knows that traffic safety is one area where injury and deaths can be reduced through engineering and education.

"Our community needs leadership that it can depend on. I will use my education and experience to work for solutions to the hard problems facing Oregon." -Norm Myers

(This information furnished by Norm Myers.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722