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David Newell

Occupation: Manager, Business Development: Setec Security

Occupational Background: Project Manager, Information Technology Auditor, Legal Consultant, Computer Forensic Investigations, Technical Writer, Web Developer, 5 year Volunteer Christian Youth Group Leader

Educational Background: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SB; Public High Schools.

Prior Governmental Experience: None

Family: David, wife Amy: married 6 years; daughter Zoe: 1 year old.

Oregon needs to invest in our public schools to ensure that our children have a world class education so they will be prepared to compete in a global economy. Oregonians not only want first class schools, but they also want schools to come first. Every year Oregon delays meaningful education reform is a year the legislature disappoints our children.

Oregon needs to examine tax reform that is fairer and will make our state attractive to investment from the companies that will bring the good paying jobs of the future. Oregon should work to make our state receipts less volatile and less susceptible to wild swings in revenue so that we can adequately plan and budget for the future.

Oregon needs to give the police who protect our communities the high tech tools and resources they need to help keep our families safe. We must do all we can for those who protect our families.

Oregon needs to reassess how government works so that citizens feel that the state is working with the people's input and in their best interests. Well managed government should serve the people.

Oregon needs to remember its values while planning for its future. Oregon's reputation as a friendly, open-minded, and environmentally conscious state needs to endure. We must make sure that we can pass on Oregon's beauty to our children.

I look forward to a positive campaign about the issues that Oregonians care most about. I will do my best to work for solutions to the problems that Oregonians want solved. Please consider me, David Newell, for State Senate.

Please visit www.newellfor19.com.

(This information furnished by Friends of David Newell.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722