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William E. Spidal

Occupation: Money manager/International

Occupational Background: Portland Police Officer: 1977-1985; Air National Guard/Air Force (Military Police): Retired

Educational Background: A.A. Criminal Justice, Portland Community College, 1976; B.S. Philosophy, Portland State University, 1986; Graduate Certificate/Chaplaincy, Western Seminary, 2004;

Prior Governmental Experience: Police Officer/military:

'A house divided against itself, the house cannot stand' (Mark 3:25). Big money and special interests has controlled our elected officials for too long and in 2006 this must end. Government can't meet the needs of all Oregonians if this continues.. We must;

Cap government spending at a 3% increase per year and prioritize our spending on public safety, education and the Oregon Health Plan.

Our neighborhoods are not safe. We must make our streets safe with increased State Police and expanded jail availability in every county.

Education is priority #1; Our children are our future and we must prepare them for the 21st. century (a foreign language must be required in every high school).

Health Care should be available to all Oregonians. We have the money to expand it for everyone if you consider it a priority!

I know there are other issues important to Oregonians. Roads, immigration and the environment but our streets must be safe, our children educated and health care available to all.

Family Values: Family values involves more than just abortion and gay marriage. Family values involves honesty and integrity. Caring about your neighbor and the poor (Matthew 22:36-40). Not judging others with whom you disagree (John, chpt.8). I support choice and gay marriage but I'm against this war and I want our soldiers home in 2006.

Our government belongs to the voters of Oregon and we can make it work for everyone! I ask for your vote.

Be Well/God Bless;
William E. Spidal (Candidate)


(This information furnished by Hate is not a Christian Value: Matt: 22:36-40.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722