State Senator

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Bruce Starr

Occupation: Small Business Owner

Occupational Background: Roofing Contractor, family farming

Educational Background: Portland State University, Bachelors Degree; Hillsboro High School

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative; Hillsboro City Councilor, Precinct Committeeman

Prioritizing Kids

Senator Starr wants to insure tax dollars actually get into Oregon classrooms, lowering class size and improving student achievement. He is the leader in requiring at least 65% of every education dollar be spent in the classroom where is does our children the most good.

Maintaining a Healthy Economy

Washington County is growing and our transportation system must keep pace. Senator Starr is working to expand infrastructure and secure our community's economic success with new bridges over the Tualatin River, new interchanges and additional lanes on the Sunset Highway.

Senator Starr knows job growth is not automatic and has worked to help our local employers expand.

Passing Jessica's Law - Protecting Oregon Children

Senator Starr led the fight in the Oregon Senate to pass Jessica's Law which will guarantee sexual predators who commit heinous crimes against children serve a 25 year sentence. When his efforts were blocked Senator Starr didn't quit. He is leading the fight to place Jessica's Law on the ballot as an initiative. He needs your help. Please go to www.jessicaslawfororegon.com to help. Our kids are counting on us.

Land Use, Holding Judges Accountable

Private property rights are foundational to the freedoms granted us by God and guaranteed by our Constitution. Senator Starr has consistently supported and will continue to support Oregonians private property rights - even when judges get it wrong.

Senator Starr will introduce legislation to reduce the power of incumbency for judges and hold them accountable for the decisions they make which affect our quality of life.

Fiscal Restraint

As Oregon's economy expands so do the tax dollars sent to Salem. Legislators must save during the boom years to fill the gaps during the bust years. Senator Starr will continue his fight for a reserve fund.

(This information furnished by Bruce Starr.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722