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Charles Starr

Occupation: Farmer; State Senator

Occupational Background: Farm Advisor & Ag Fieldman, Flavorland Foods; Manager, Pacific Farmers Cooperative; Business Owner and General Contractor

Educational Background: M.S., Agri-Business Management; B.S., Agricultural Education

Prior Governmental Experience: State Senator; Vice-Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee; Chairman, Senate Education Committee; State Representative; 12 years school board experience (Chairman 4 years)

Family: Married to Kathy for 50 years; 4 sons; 11 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren

Quality Education

Throughout his life Charles Starr has worked to provide a quality education for our children. He has served as a school board member and Chairman of the Senate Education Committee. He serves on the State Literacy Advisory Committee. Charles is an advocate for explicit phonics instruction to strengthen reading skills and boost student achievement while saving taxpayers money. He was also one of the first to advocate repeal of the CIM and CAM.

Standing Up for Family Values

Few in Salem have done more to protect traditional values than Charles Starr. He is pro-life and he opposes gay marriage and civil unions for homosexuals. He opposes taxpayer funding of abortions. Senator Starr has also sponsored bills requiring that parents are notified before their minor daughter has an abortion.

Confronting Illegal Immigration

People who are in our country illegally are costing Oregon taxpayers millions of dollars every year. Since 1995, Charles Starr has fought to crack down on issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens. He also supports tightening our nation's borders and establishing tougher penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.

Good Government, Not More Government

No other legislator has helped send back more money to Oregon families in the form of kicker refunds than Charles Starr - helping return over $1.3 billion in over-collected taxes. Charles supports regular performance audits to make sure government agencies are using our tax dollars responsibly and effectively.

Endorsed By:
Oregon Farm Bureau
National Federation of Independent Business/Oregon
Oregon Small Business Coalition

Honest. Experienced. One of Us.

(This information furnished by Citizens for Charles Starr.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722