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Carl Wieneke

Occupation: Oregon's Quality Assurance Manager

Occupational Background: Carl has more than four decades of work experience in both the public and private sector

Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; MBA in Finance and Management; Project Management Professional Certification; Co-founder of the State of Oregon Project Management Certification Program

Prior Governmental Experience: Three terms as township Treasurer where he built consensus among rival factions and nearly a decade as the State of Oregon's Quality Assurance Manager where he worked shoulder to shoulder with some hard working public employees

Demand more for Oregon

My entire professional career has been focused on making things better. This has been true in both the private and public sector. Now I would like to focus on making Oregon better. The people of Woodburn, St. Louis, Gervais, Brooks, and Salem deserve nothing less.

A better Oregon does not mean higher taxes

Oregon families know how to cut back when budgets get tight. State government needs to learn a lesson from us. We need to cut government waste before tax increases are considered. This isn't just talk. I believe it.

Let's do business on-line not in line

The people of Oregon need to be served 24 hours a day 7 days a week from a computer terminal anywhere in the world. As we move to a more virtual government I'll make sure that we have online service that meet the highest standards in the nation.

Accountability is expected

I'll be holding the government managers accountable. This means that our schools improve, the number of quality jobs increases, our infrastructure gets substantial infusion of resources, the environment is not ignored and our tax burden doesn't increase. This is the way we can actually fix problems.

My job will be to hold government accountable. Your job is to hold me accountable.

Contact me

To find out more information about my efforts visit www.carlwieneke.com.

(This information furnished by Friends of Carl Wieneke Committee.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722