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Alan C. Bates

Occupation:Family physician for 25 years in the Rogue Valley; Oregon State Representative 2001 to present.

Occupational Background:Former Chief of Medicine at Rogue Valley and Providence Medical Centers.

Educational Background:D.O., 1977; College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kansas City, Missouri. B.A., 1969; Central Washington State University.

Prior Governmental Experience:Eagle Point School Board, 1990 -2001; Governor’s Committee for Excellence in Education 1997 – 1999; Oregon Health Services Commission 1989 – 1999, chair:1997 - 1999.

Military Service:US Army 1965 – 1967; Served in Vietnam.

Because of legislation sponsored or strongly supported by Dr. Alan Bates, Oregonians will have:

  • Better schools:Rep Bates led the fight against further cuts to K-12 in Ways and Means
  • Increased access to physicians in rural Oregon (HB-2151)
  • An established procedure for the health care industry to report errors and seek recommendation for improvements (HB-2349)
  • A grant process for training and acquisition of defibrillators in public schools (HB-2566)
  • Streamlined procedures for patients needing hearing aids (HB-2684)
  • Increased access to discount pharmaceuticals (HB-2742, HB-2943, SB-875)

  • Increased funding and reimbursements for Oregon’s Trauma Centers (HB-3668)

Rep Bates also co-authored legislation to revamp the Oregon Health Plan sustaining health care for 60,000 uninsured Oregonians—including mental health, chemical dependency, and emergency dental services (HB-3624)

“Alan Bates has consistently championed issues important to our state and region. He deserves our support.”
--Dr. Dave Gilmour, County Commissioner

Recipient of “The Brave 26” 2003 Balance in Leadership Award.
--Oregon Business Association

“Oregon needs more hardworking, smart, dedicated leaders who reach across the aisle to do what’s right for Oregonians, not their re-election campaigns. Alan Bates is just this sort of leader.”
--Rita Sullivan, Ontrack

“As your state senator I will continue to advocate for education, affordable health care, a strong economy, and the environment. Thank you for this opportunity to serve.”
--Alan Bates

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Dr. Alan Bates.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722