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Occupation:U.S. Congressman

Occupational Background:Administrator; Elected official

Educational Background:B.A.; J.D. Lewis and Clark College; Northwestern School of Law

Prior Governmental Experience:Representative, Southeast Portland, Oregon State Legislature; Board Member, Portland Community College; Multnomah County Commissioner; Portland City Commissioner; U.S. Congressman

Congressman Earl Blumenauer

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Dear Friends;

The political season is in full swing and the stakes are clear:2004 will be the most important election in our lifetime.

The visions offered are for a radically different America with profoundly different impacts for our families, the economy, the environment, health care and our role in the world. Much of the challenge today is getting the federal government to follow through on the most basic commitments:education, social security and protecting our communities.

As someone committed to bipartisan problem solving, I’m saddened by how often the Bush Administration and Republican leadership ignore the needs of most Americans for the convenience and profit of a few. From meat inspections to the operation of dirty power plants, too often the public is slighted. The mismanagement of the war in Iraq is another outrageous example, spending extravagantly while short changing the needs of our troops and veterans at home.

It doesn’t have to be this way. I’m staying in Congress to meet these challenges at home and abroad, but I need your help. I’d appreciate your vote so that I can continue to work for you. Visit www.earlblumenauer.com for information about my campaign and ways to connect with others who share your concerns. Engage your family, neighbors and people at school or work and talk about the issues. Make your vote count and expand your influence by making sure everyone gets involved.

Despite all the advertising and rhetoric, the most expensive and longest general election campaign in American history will be decided one vote at a time by people like you and me.

Thank you for your support.


Earl Blumenauer

(This information furnished by Earl Blumenauer for Congress.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722