Secretary of State

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Bill Bradbury

Occupation:Secretary of State

Occupational Background:Executive Director, For the Sake of the Salmon; television journalist; owner, restaurant and video production company

Educational Background:graduate of University of Chicago High School; attended Antioch College

Prior Governmental Experience:Senate President; Senate Majority Leader; State Senator; State Representative

Bill Bradbury
Oregon's Secretary of State

Safeguarding the people's tax dollars
  • As Oregon’s chief auditor, Bill has identified savings of tens of millions of dollars in over 200 audits
  • Operates a fraud, waste, and abuse hotline
  • Cracked down on reckless Lottery spending

Ensuring the Integrity of our Elections System

  • Eliminated all punch card ballots in Oregon
  • Required all recounts to be done by hand with paper ballots
  • Aggressively enforced all campaign laws

Protecting Oregon’s Natural Heritage and the Common School Fund

  • As one of 3 members of the State Land Board, Bill will continually maximize the amount of money distributed to local schools from the Common School Fund.
  • Bill has fought to ensure public access and proper management of state lands to ensure environmental values are maintained.

Streamlining government to make it more user friendly.

  • During Bill’s tenure the business start up fee was reduced from $440 to $50, one of the lowest in the nation.
  • Creating a “one stop shop” for starting a business

The reason to re-elect Bill Bradbury isn’t just about his list of accomplishments. It’s about the kind of leader he is.

“Today, politics seems more mean-spirited than it has been and should be. I will use this campaign to emphasize what we have in common, instead of finding ways to divide us. We are, after all, one Oregon.”

Bill Bradbury

Re-elect Bill Bradbury
Oregon’s Secretary of State

(This information furnished by Friends of Bill Bradbury.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722