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Buckley Democrat

Occupation:Executive Director, Democracy’s Edge, an Oregon non-partisan, non-profit organization to increase electoral participation.

Occupational Background:Management in non-profits, 20 years; political commentator, 15 years.

Educational Background:BA, University of Santa Clara, CA, Magna Cum Laude, 1979

Prior Governmental Experience:Arcata City Commission Community experience:Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce, 5 years; Chamber vice-president, 2 years; classroom volunteer; volunteer fundraiser:Boys & Girls Club, Hospice of Humboldt, PBS and NPR affiliates, Humboldt Senior Center, Arcata Children’s Center

“Oregon’s legacy of forward-thinking public policies has been undermined by special interests and rhetoric that tears away at our ability to work together. I will bring new ideas into the political process, stay connected with constituents, and find ways to accomplish goals important to all of us. It’s time to re-focus our attention on the jobs and services we need.” Peter Buckley

What others say:

“Peter Buckley’s commitment to education, underscored by years of volunteerism in the classroom, will serve us well in Salem.” Amy Amrhein, Chair, Ashland School Board

“Peter’s energetic enthusiasm for political dialogue has inspired many to renew their commitment to the political process. He is thoughtful and intelligent.” Nan Trout, senior

“Employee health-care coverage is a major concern for small businesses. Peter understands that state and federal government, in partnership with business, can do more to solve this critical problem.” Laurie Kappel, small business owner, Phoenix

“Peter’s first priority is finding stable, adequate funding for K-16 education. There is no greater need for southern Oregon communities than resolving this issue.” Barbara Heyerman, teacher

“Clean air, clean water, and open spaces must be among our top priorities both locally and in Salem. Buckley is committed to protecting our environment and the world we leave our children.” Mike Uhtoff, small business owner

“Peter will be a champion for campaign finance reform and a strong voice for those who demand a state legislature that works for all of us.” Karen Starchvick, Jacksonville


(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Peter Buckley.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722