State Representativeshirley a cairns photo Shirley A.
Cairns Democrat

Occupation:Financial Planner, Tax Consultant

Occupational Background:Private practice as financial planner; tax consultant; teacher; Professional Volunteer.

Educational Background:West Virginia University BS, MA; College of Financial Planning, CFP; Kennedy School of Government, MPA

Prior Governmental Experience:BLM Resource Advisory Committee; Umpqua Community College Board; Calapooia Fire District Board, Calapooia Water District Board; Regional Strategies Committee; Douglas County Tourism Development Committee; Oregon Ports Advisory Committee;

Community Involvement:UCAN (Umpqua Community Action Network) Board; Cascade Community Credit Union Budget Committee; Western Cascade Credit Union Board; Douglas Electric Co-Operative Board; Sutherlin Rotary, charter Member; Douglas County Chambers of Commerce; Sutherlin Chamber of Commerce.

CAIRNS grew up on a family farm in West Virginia. She has lived on an Oakland farm for 40 years. She is a widow with Three adult children. She taught at Sutherlin High School prior to entering private practice. She believes public service is a privilege—each person can make a difference.


*The biggest issue facing this district is JOBS. This district is part of the rural timber belt that has been exporting its best resource—young people. We need EMPLOYMENT and continued quality of life for all citizens.

*Local solutions to local problems creates stronger communities

*Education is the cornerstone of economic development

*We do not need to add more layers of law. We should enforce the laws we need, get rid of those we no longer use and examine carefully future legislation.

*No new programs without adequate funding. Mandates coming from the federal government without adequate funding must be evaluated to determine if we can afford the “free” money attached.

*We should not be pitting seniors, health services, education, public safety and other programs against each other in a divisive manner. All citizens deserve to feel safe and secure, have adequate housing and heath care, education and job opportunities

*It is time for civility and co-operation within government. It is time to work together in the best interest of everyone.

(This information furnished by Shirley A. Cairns.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722