State Representative

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Marlene (Mitzi) Colbath

Occupation:Certified Public Accountant

Occupational Background:Public Accounting; Governmental Budget/Finance and Auditing; LCC Instructor; Preschool Teacher

Educational Background:Bachelors Degree - Accounting - Highest Distinction

Prior Governmental Experience:Eugene Planning Commissioner; Oregon Municipal Auditor; Eugene Charter Review; 4J/City of Eugene Youth Parks; Budget/Finance Officer- Veneta; Oregon Finance Officers; University of Oregon/ City Liaison; West University Task Force; 4J District - Parent Advisory; Parent/Teachers Organization; Neighborhood Leaders Council

State of Crisis

OREGON is a state in crisis. Financial crisis and crisis of character. Can our children and future generations depend on us today to make choices that leave our state in the same or better shape?

Count on Good Choices

Mitzi Colbath will make choices for District 8 with future generations in mind.

Count on Common Sense

Mitzi Colbath will:
  • Promote economic stability, job training and skills to get Oregonians working;
  • Actively provide a quality education for our children and protect families;
  • Fostering community based-small business development, job creation and retention;
  • Hold corporations accountable and promote government that is lean - not mean;
  • Provide a skilled, experienced voice on economic, taxation, and budgetary decisions. Budgeting for efficiency, performance and real solutions;
  • Work diligently on healthy, safe and livable communities;
  • Uphold land use laws and a sustainable environment;
  • Bridge the widening gap between the wealthiest and poorest;
  • Provide adequate human services and health coverage at affordable prices.

Count on Priorities

Mitzi Colbath looks more to solutions than institutions, more to education and jobs than prisons, more to local business expansions than expansionism, and more to broader interest than special interests.

Count on Building Bridges

Mitzi Colbath values mutual goals, shared benefits, and common purposes. Oregon CAN build bridges for future generations.

Make your Vote Count!

(This information furnished by Colbath for Elected Office.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722