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Vern Cook

Occupation:Attorney in Gresham where he has practiced since graduating from the University of Oregon Law School.

Occupational Background:Gresham City Judge; Troutdale City Attorney.

Educational Background:BA Reed College; Graduated from Gresham Union High School.

Prior Governmental Experience:Served in State Senate and House for 24 years in districts which included most of Senate District 25; Board of Mt. Hood Community College. Vern focused on and provided leadership in the fields of revenue, school finance and taxation.


Democrats have not controlled the State Senate since 1995. Look at the mess we are in! It is time to elect a legislature that is responsive to the needs of the people!

He and his wife Beryl, a Nurse Practitioner, currently reside near Troutdale in a house on the banks of the Sandy River.

Vern Cook is a past president of the Gresham Historical Society and a member of the Troutdale Historical Society.

When he filed for this office Vern said,

‘The election of George W. Bush as president has been a major disaster for America and Oregonians. I intend to take an active part in electing a Democrat to the presidency.

‘Republican control of the Oregon legislature for most of the past 10 years has caused the virtual disintegration of state government at state and local levels caused by a vacuum of real leadership.

‘Illustrative of the lack of legislative leadership was that of 56 legislators who were responsible for placing Measure 30 on the ballot, only five lent their prestige by signing statements of support in the Voters’ Pamphlet.

‘The people of Oregon expect their governors and legislators to lead. They have not done so. Should I be nominated and elected I will work actively in supporting any legislation I favor or voted for, even if it is referred.’

Contacts:503-665-8143; berylcook@verizon.net; verncooklaw.com

(This information furnished by Vern Cook.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722