State Representative

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John Doty

Occupation:Teacher (CrossRoads School); Soccer Coach (Phoenix HS)

Occupational Background:Educator; Software Technical Trainer

Educational Background:Phoenix HS; BA, Wesleyan University; 5th Year Secondary Education, Southern Oregon State University

Prior Governmental Experience:None


Oregon’s Economy
I am familiar with the challenges faced by Oregon’s working families in uncertain economic times. As State Representative, I will work hard to foster job growth in Southern Oregon.

Quality Education
As a high school teacher, I know the reality of providing a quality education for Oregon’s students. The current Legislature has failed to provide our students with a stable, adequately funded education. When we undercut our schools, we sabotage our future.

Responsible Government
I am running for Representative because I want to bring real representation to District 6. Oregon’s citizens have expressed their frustration with Salem, and it’s time to deliver authentic leadership for Medford. What people are saying about JOHN DOTY:

“John’s focus on scientifically sound programs for air and water quality is part of his unwavering dedication to the future!”
Nancy Griffith, science educator

“John will be in Salem for those of us in Medford, not for interests and money else.”
Katrina Ramirez, student, South Medford HS

“John will look out for small business in the era of Big Box stores. He understands how local communities are connected.”
Alex Stevens, small business owner

“Stable funding for K-16 Education is a cornerstone of our future – including jobs and the economy. John understands this and will work tirelessly for it”
John Kinard, business educator

“The students, parents, and seniors in this community have a champion in John”
Jean E. Maack

“It is time to restore an Oregon we are proud to call home, but also proud to leave to our grandchildren. For the future… For Oregon… For us.”

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(This information furnished by Doty for Southern Oregon.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722