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Kathryn Firestone

Occupation:Children and families advocate.

Occupational Background:Past President, Oregon PTA; Co-Director Parent Resource Center and Volunteer Coordinator for North Clackamas School District.

Educational Background:Henry Ford Community College.

Prior Governmental Experience:Oregon Quality Education Commission; Clackamas County Committee for Citizen Involvement.

Putting Oregonians back to work

Oregon has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates and we must do more to put Oregonians back to work. Kathryn will work hard to recruit new companies to our area and give displaced workers job-retraining and educational opportunities to prepare them for future success.

State government should earn your trust

Some legislators talk a lot about “accountability,” but don’t do much to ensure it. Kathryn supports audits of state agencies and making local citizens a big part of budgeting and spending decisions.

“Kathryn has what it takes to restore taxpayers’ trust in state government.”
Robert J. Austin, Mayor Estacada

Our kids should be students, not fundraisers

Legislators say they’ll “fund education first,” but our public schools keep closing early and classrooms get increasingly crowded. A past President of the Oregon PTA, Kathryn will oppose any school budget that cuts another dime from our local schools.

“Nobody will work harder than Kathryn for our kids, our parents, and our teachers.”
Ben Schellenberg, former Superintendent of North Clackamas School District

A State Representative who will step up to the plate

Kathryn Firestone has always been the kind of person to step forward when her community needed her. Kathryn has:
  • Championed the plan for both accountability and results in our public schools
  • Fought for the funding our schools needed to be successful
  • Created safe and healthy after-school options for our children
  • Matched up students with community volunteers to boost reading achievement

We’re supporting Kathryn!

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski
Bernie Giusto, Multnomah County Sheriff
Tony Cordie, Vice President,
Clackamas Professional Firefighters Local #1159
Sandra C. Leybold, Chair, Willamette Women Democrats


(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Kathryn Firestone.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722