State Representative

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Brian Grisham

Occupation:Consultant for Activity-Based Costing and Capital Improvement Programs

Occupational Background:Lead Researcher, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office ABCM Study; Researcher/Advisor, Multnomah County Capital Improvement Program; Campus Community Policing Coordinator; Community Enforcement Officer; Youth Corrections worker

Educational Background:B.S., Western Oregon University; Navy Journalist rating, Defense Information School; Master of Public Administration, University of Oregon

Prior Governmental Experience:Treasurer, South Gateway Neighborhood Association (current); Member, Sumpter Elementary LSAC (current); Advisor, Marion County Administrative Charges Task Force 2003; Principal Contributor to Multnomah County Capital Improvement Program 2002-2003; Lead Researcher, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Activity-Based Costing Program 2003; Vice-President and President, Northeast Salem Neighborhood Association 1992-1994

Personal:Married 12 years to Barbara; daughters Rachel (9) and Kathryn (5). BETTER GOVERNMENT Brian will bring responsible budgeting and greater accountability to the state budget and government. Citizens deserve representatives focused on solutions, not partisanship. JOB CREATION AND GROWTH Brian will work with other leaders to develop more aggressive, long-term plans to improve Oregon’s attractiveness to new and native business. When business grows, so do jobs for more Oregonians. EDUCATION Brian believes our K-12 schools do their job well if properly funded, supported and managed. Education is a benefit to the entire state and working to improve the delivery of it to our children is a win for all sides. ENVIRONMENT Brian knows sacrificing the environment for short term gain is a long-term loss. Thorough land use planning increases the success of business without damaging the natural beauty of our state. HEALTH CARE Brian knows when proactive health care is ignored, it always costs us more in the long run. We need leaders who recognize that paying a small amount now reaps huge savings in the future. PUBLIC SAFETY Brian respects the tireless work of those who protect us every day. Restoring the losses to police, fire and medical responders will be a top priority.


(This information furnished by Citizens for Brian Grisham.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722