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Andrew Kaza

Occupation:Media Consultant

Occupational Background:CEO, Hospital Group, 2001-2003; Managing Director, BBC Worldwide, 1999-2001; Managing Partner, Mediaplex, 1995-1999; President, UIP Pay-TV, 1993-1995; Director, Marketing & Business Development, Comcast Corp., 1987-1993.

Educational Background:B.A. Communications, University of Portland, 1985.

Prior Governmental Experience:None

Oregon. Independent. Democrat.

In the spirit of Oregon’s independent tradition, ANDREW KAZA is a Democrat who will stand against those in Congress that serve to further the Bush Administration’s polices. As an Oregon native, his political heroes growing up were no-nonsense leaders like Sen. Wayne Morse and Gov. Tom McCall…people whose bold and visionary service match Oregon’s rugged uniqueness.

At 44, ANDREW KAZA is not a career politician but a respected and accomplished international businessman. He presents a clear alternative to the incumbent Democrat who has made a career out of agreeing with Republicans and conservative ideology.

ANDREW KAZA believes that “President Bush is destroying America’s credibility in the world and Oregon cannot afford it. We’re increasingly dependent on global trade and goodwill of other countries. This reckless foreign and economic policy is costing Oregon jobs.”


  • An accomplished, independent-minded reformer with no ties to the Washington “establishment” vs. a career politician.
  • A leader in the Oregon tradition vs. a follower with a voting record that supports the Republicans on Iraq, tax policy, education & more.
  • A progressive vs. a conservative.
  • A candidate without ties to special interests, lobbyists and big corporate money vs. an incumbent with a $1 million war chest, most of it from DC insiders and singleissue groups.

ANDREW KAZA is running to give Democrats in the 5th District a choice in the primary election for the first time since 1996. He is a leader who can enact real change on fundamental issues of importance to us all. For more information about our mission, please check out our website at:www.kazaforcongress.org. PLEASE VOTE KAZA!

(This information furnished by Kaza for Congress Committee.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722