United States President

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John F. Kerry

Occupation:United States Senator

Occupational Background:United States Navy, 1966-1970; Assistant District Attorney,
Middlesex County, Massachusetts, 1976-1979; Attorney, 1979-1982; Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor,1983-1984; United States Senator, 1985-present.

Educational Background:Yale University, B.A.; Boston College Law School, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience:Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor, 1983-1984; United States Senator, 1985-present.

John Kerry is running a campaign to change America. He is fighting to bring back jobs and prosperity and he will lead us to a safer, stronger America. George Bush has taken us in the wrong direction because he cares more about special interests than about the needs of ordinary Americans.

John Kerry will stand up to the special interests. In his first 100 days as President, he will:

Roll back George Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans so we can invest in education and health care;

Repeal every tax break and loophole that rewards corporations for sending American jobs overseas. And he will provide new manufacturing incentives that reward good companies for creating and keeping good jobs at home;

Take on the health insurance companies to lower costs and make affordable healthcare available to every American;

Stop polluters from weakening the Clean Air Act and stand up to the oil companies to make America independent of Mid East oil; and

Declare an end to George Bush’s go-it-alone foreign policy, win the peace in Iraq, and make America safer, stronger, and more secure.

Hardworking families in Oregon are hurting because George Bush has favored tax cuts for the wealthy and special favors for the special interests over what’s fair for middle class Americans. This Administration’s motto really should be “no special interest left behind.” But Oregon’s working families are getting left in the dust.

As a decorated Vietnam War veteran, a local prosecutor, and a United States Senator, John Kerry has put his country first. And as our next President, John Kerry will put America back on track.

(This information furnished by John Kerry for President.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722