State Representative

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Betty E. Komp

Occupation:Principal, French Prairie Middle School.

Occupational Background:Betty’s worked as a farm hand; youth minister; assistant principal; and teacher.

Educational Background:As a single mom, Betty went back to college and earned her BS and MS in Education from Western Oregon University.

Prior Governmental Experience:Betty learned how to make tough budget decisions as Chair of the Mt. Angel School Board.

Family:Four daughters, six grandchildren.

Cut bureaucracy to fund schools

As a middle school principal, I’ve seen first-hand there’s too much bureaucracy in the schools. I’ll fight to eliminate overhead so we have stable funding in the classroom.

“Betty knows how to ensure funding goes to the classroom, not administration.”
Hank Vredenburg

Keep our good-paying jobs

Why are we sending good jobs overseas when we have high unemployment here at home? I’m committed to finding ways to keep our jobs at home and help people in Salem and Woodburn earn a good living.

Kathy Figley, Mayor of Woodburn, supports Betty because she’s committed to creating more good-paying jobs.

More solutions, not more taxes

When you grow up with 13 brothers and sisters like I did, you learn to stretch a dollar when times are tough. Oregon doesn’t need more taxes. To recruit more companies to our area, we need to reduce the cost of doing business.

Don Judson supports Betty because she’ll make sure taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

Lower prices for prescription drugs

Our seniors shouldn’t struggle to pay for prescription drugs. To lower prices for medicine, we should include small businesses and people without prescription coverage in the Oregon Prescription Drug Program.

Tougher penalties for property crimes

I’ll support tougher penalties for crimes like burglary and vandalism because slapping criminals on the wrist jeopardizes our safety.

“Betty will get tough with the offenders who hurt our quality of life.”
Richard Jennings, former Mayor of Woodburn

(This information furnished by Elect Betty Komp Committee.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722