State Representative

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Wayne Kuechler

Occupation:Police Sergeant Portland Police Bureau

Occupational Background:Police Officer, School Teacher, Coach, Community Policing Instructor

Educational Background:BA Warner Pacific College, Graduate Studies Portland State University and Washington State University

Prior Governmental Experience:Current Chair Oregon Trail School Board

Community Service:Advisory Board My Father’s House Family Shelter, Commander Portland Police Sunshine Division


For nearly 25 years I have worked to protect the rights of citizens, provide for the needs of the less fortunate, and improve the educational opportunities of our children. Most candidates have little or no experience in the three main areas where your income tax dollars are spent, Education, Human Services, and Public Safety. I am the only candidate with working experience and accomplishments in each of these areas. Oregon needs representation with practical experience and an understanding of the challenges facing all Oregonians. I work every week to support my family, help my children go to college, volunteer time to my community, and I understand the challenges we all face. That is why I am asking for your vote.

As your representative I will:

-demand the highly accountable use of public funds
We must continue to audit state agencies and budgets to seek efficiencies in programs and services.

-promote job growth that supports local businesses
We must support the backbone of our communities, our local businesses and stop the exodus of jobs from rural Oregon.

-work for sufficient and stable school funding with local control
We must find stable funding solutions so our public schools can continue to offer a quality educational experience for our children.

-work for consistent and effective support of public safety
Many rural communities depend on the services of the Oregon State Police and we must maintain these services.

-seek a balanced and responsible approach to the use of natural resources
Oregon has many successful resource based industries and
we must seek solutions that sustain these industries indefinitely.


(This information furnished by Wayne Kuechler.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722