State Representative

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Doug Neeley

Occupation:Statistical Consultant, IntSTATS, Oregon City (O.C.)

Occupational Background:Statistical consultant supporting agricultural, forestry, and fisheries research; university statistics instructor and adjunct and associate professor; Peace Corps Volunteer

Educational Background:Grant High School, Portland; B.A., Biology, Portland State University; Ph.D., Statistics and Genetics Co-major, North Carolina State University

Prior Governmental Experience:Current O.C. Commissioner and O.C. representative to METRO, various committees, and boards; O.C. Library Board member/chair; O.C. Carnegie Center Reuse Committee; O.C. Cleanup Committee, METRO Green Ribbon Committee and Green Spaces Advisory Committee

Member of Clackamas County Historical Society, Oregon Trail Foundation, O.C. Chamber of Commerce, O.C. Optimist Club, SOLV, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Audubon Society, 1000 Friends of Oregon

Doug Neeley’s Priorities

Top Funding Priorities:
  • K-12 Education and Higher Education
  • Health Services
  • Children’s Services

Land Use:

  • Maintain tight urban growth boundaries
  • Restrict METRO expansion to protect rural communities
  • Restrict METRO expansion in Wilsonville area to north of the Willamette River
  • Protect natural resources--Agricultural and timber lands and fish and wildlife habitat
  • Enable counties to require unincorporated urban areas to incorporate

Economic Development:

  • Attract new and keep existing industries
  • Give priority to natural-resource-based, high-tech, and knowledge-based industries
  • Improve distribution system for goods and services
  • Increase tourism

Create stable funding

  • Assure budgetary accountability
  • Establish a capped rainy-day fund

Endorsement: Norm Andreen, Former Co-Chair Beavercreek Citizen Planning Org. and METRO Committee for Citizen Involvement

(This information furnished by Doug Neeley.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722