State Representative

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Gerritt Rosenthal

Occupation:Environmental Consultant in water resources, natural resources and hazardous waste management.

Occupational Background:Over 25 years consulting and managing environmental firms and organizations, including EMCON, Adolfson Associates, Henshaw Associates, Lane Council of Governments and the Lane County Water Lab. Taught both high school and college chemistry and worked as a medical researcher at OHSU.

Educational Background:Reed College, B.S. Chemistry; University of Minnesota, M.S. Medical Biochemistry; Cornell University, M.S. Hydrology.

Prior Governmental Experience:Planner and Water Resources Program Manager, Lane Council of Governments, Eugene; Manager, Lane County Water Laboratory, Eugene.

Community Service:Citizens Advisory Board for Sewer Rates, Eugene-Springfield; Citizen Participation Organization, Washington County; Association of Washington Business, Water Quality Rules Subcommittee; Volunteer with Tualatin Riverkeepers, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, and Oregon Natural Desert Association; Co-Founder, Oregon Trail Observers (monitoring Pre’s Trail in Eugene).

COMMITMENT TO SERVICE:I will listen to the people of my district and assist them in dealing with complex regulations. I believe in strong Constituent Services! I will be accessible to voters in our community and believe I have the expertise and fairness to represent them on complex land use and economic and education issues.

WHY ME? I am fiscally conservative, socially tolerant, and politically progressive. I care deeply about our community, our state and our country and will work responsibly for improvement. I’ve lived in Oregon 38 years and in the Stafford Triangle area for the past 11. I support a strong educational system, necessary to prepare citizens for a global economy. I am in favor of simplifying but not weakening our environmental regulations, supporting green industries and pursuing Pacific Rim opportunities to help strengthen our local economy and limit outsourcing.

KEY ISSUES:Support education and our future (K-University)! Encourage environmentally wise jobs! Expand Buy Oregon First to state and local government! Improve tax system fairness – close loopholes! Ensure land use decisions protect neighborhood values! Improve identity theft protection!

(This information furnished by Gerritt Rosenthal.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722