State Representative

miklosch (mik) sander photo

Miklosch (Mik) Sander

Occupation:Office Manager-Law Firm

Occupational Background:Office Management / Real Estate

Educational Background:Two years of college, with a focus on Anthropology/Psychology

Prior Governmental Experience:None

Prior Community Work:Indiana Dunes Clean-up Crew 1994-1998



This district needs a change in representation and a real voice in Salem for our community. Mik Sander will bring the type of leadership that we need in these challenging economic times, when quality education is threatened and our legislature is non-responsive to the needs of Oregonians.

Oregon’s Economy

Being the proud father of three, Mik is familiar with the challenges faced by Oregon’s working families in uncertain economic times. As our next State Representative, he will work hard to create job growth in the outer Hillsboro area, especially in the area of technology.

Quality Education

Mik wants his children to be able to receive a quality education in Oregon, with a stable funding source. The current Legislature has failed to provide Oregon’s schoolchildren with an adequately funded education that is accountable to the taxpayers who fund it.

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Responsible Government

Mik is running for State Representative because he wants to bring real representation to District 30. Oregon’s citizens have expressed their discontent with the way things are being done in Salem, and it’s time to bring adequate representation to our district.

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(This information furnished by Friends of Miklosch.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722