State Representative

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Frank W. Saxton


Occupational Background:Business Owner; Manager; State Legislative Director, ABATE of Oregon; Executive Director, BikePAC of Oregon; Honorable Discharge, U.S. Navy

Educational Background:None

Prior Governmental Experience:None

You can tell a lot about a Candidate by their endorsements. I think that people have become alienated to the political process because there are so many people in the Legislature who are following their own agenda or the agenda of special interest groups rather than representing the desires of the citizens who elected them.

I have not accepted any PAC money. I believe it is my job to represent the people in District 33, not special interest minorities. If it angers you that the Legislature continues to take actions or enact laws that you disagree with, you’re going to have to elect representatives who didn’t have their seat bought and paid for by special interest money.

I have never had any particular political aspirations. I was driven to file my candidacy because I was unhappy about the way that this District is being represented. Had I not filed, the incumbent would be running unopposed. I felt that the Voters deserved to have a clear choice between business as usual and actually having their wishes respected.

The people have spoken loud and clear with regard to tax increases. I will not support or vote for any increases in taxes. Period.

I support the Bill of Rights. All of them.

I support diversity, freedom of choice and personal responsibility.

I believe that clean air and water is far more important than corporate necessity.

I respect Unions and I believe that a good education is fundamental to our Nation’s prosperity.

I believe that a climate that encourages business is good for all Oregonians.

Affordable healthcare for all Oregonians is a vitally important issue to me.

I believe that Government needs to learn how to live on a budget

(This information furnished by Frank Saxton.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722