Representative in Congress

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David Wu

Occupation: Congressman

Occupational Background: Attorney helping Oregonians start high technology and international trade businesses.

Educational Background: Stanford University; Harvard Medical School; Yale Law School

Prior Governmental Experience: none

Family: David and his wife Michelle, a sixth generation Oregonian, have two children, 6-year old Matthew and 4-year old Sarah, and dog Teddy. Michelle has been a teacher for 12 years.

Investing in Oregon’s Education, Economy and People

Improving our Schools to Grow our Economy
David Wu has been a champion for Oregon’s schools because he believes that economic success begins with strong education.
  • Congressman Wu has fought for smaller class size and better school facilities.
  • He has legislation to make college more affordable and to make financial aid fairer.
  • Wu is fighting to improve our community colleges and to stop college textbook price hikes.
  • Wu has succeeded in bringing resources to Oregon’s universities to support the cutting edge technology that fuels our future economic prosperity.

Creating New High Paying Jobs for Oregonians
David Wu is fighting in Congress to create permanent highpaying jobs in Oregon and get Oregon’s workforce back to work.

  • Wu fought the Bush administration when it opposed extending unemployment benefits for Oregon’s long-term unemployed.
  • Wu has secured federal dollars to build and repair Oregon’s highways and railroads, creating high-wage construction jobs, and cutting traffic congestion.
  • Congressman Wu sponsored legislation to encourage small businesses to invest, expand, and create new jobs.

Charting the Right Course for a Safer, Stronger Country

  • To avoid sacrificing strong schools and needed health care, Congressman Wu opposed tax giveaways to the highest income brackets.
  • Wu voted against the war in Iraq and wasteful spending that lines the pockets of Texas oil interests.
  • He voted to preserve American civil liberties, against the Patriot Act and for sound national security.

Congressman David Wu
Keeping His Commitment to Common Sense Solutions

(This information furnished by David Wu.)

Elections Division, Oregon Secretary of State • 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722