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Jason A.


Occupation: Senator, Marketing Consultant

Occupational Background: Business consultant, writer, alpine ski coach, broadcast announcer and producer, farm laborer.

Educational Background: Master of Management (MBA), Willamette University, Atkinson Graduate School of Management; Bachelor of Science, Political Science and History, Cum Laude, Southern Oregon State College; Oregon Public Schools.

Prior Governmental Experience: Deputy Senate Leader, Senate Republican Whip, Vice Chairman, Senate Rules Committee; Member of Senate Water and Land Use Committee. Co-Chairman: Committee on Information, Management and Technology. Toll Fellow, Council of State Governments. Member of Natural Resources, Agriculture, Salmon, and Water Committee; Member of Business, Labor and Economic Development Committee; Member of Information, Management and Technology Committee; Member of Rules and Redistricting Committee. State Representative District 51, Assistant Majority Leader

Our Senator- Consistently Independent

Senator Atkinson stands with farmers, with small business owners, with college students. He stands for taxpayers, the unemployed, and senior citizens. In a short time, Senator Atkinson has created a long list of accomplishments and a reputation for independence.

He stood alone for us on taxes and the Biscuit Fire recovery. He stopped the legislature from getting a new $5 billion dollar line of credit and worked against the odds to protect President Bush’s tax cut. His office brought Salem to Southern Oregon with the Prescription Health Fair and regional representation on LCDC.

Now it is time to send him back …standing for us in the Senate

“Senator Atkinson is quickly rising as one of Oregon’s next great leaders. He is all heart … he’ll never sell his convictions, and isn’t afraid to stand alone.”
– Hon. Roger Beyer, Oregon Senate Republican Leader

“Effective … strong … consistently independent..Jason fights for Southern Oregon, but all of Oregon is watching.”
– Hon. Mark Simmons, Oregon Speaker of the House 2000-2002 Our Senator- Jason Atkinson

(This information furnished by Friends of Jason Atkinson.)
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