State Representative
james l. buchal picture
James L.


Occupation: Attorney, author and activist

Occupational Background: Partner, Murphy & Buchal LLP

Educational Background: Harvard College, A.B.; Yale School of Management, M.B.A.; Yale Law School, J.D.

Prior Governmental Experience:
Special Prosecutor, Multnomah County

I’ve spent a dozen years fighting government waste and abuse in state and federal courts throughout the Northwest. I’ve watched our Legislature send forth armies of public employees to second-guess each other’s work and compete to see who can cripple the economy the most. And I’ve listened to my wife, born and raised in Canby, describe the Oregon she grew up
with, and what happened to it.

I oppose courts and bureaucrats putting themselves above the People by inventing the “law” instead of interpreting it. I oppose burning down Oregon’s forests and clubbing salmon to death to “save the environment”. These things happen because of badly written laws, and I am sick and tired of watching the Legislature pass bad laws because it listens to taxpayer-funded lobbyists instead of real people.

As your representative, I won’t just ask agencies for a list of cuts and hope that trimming around the edges solves the problem. I know that we must prune the State’s budget to eliminate outright the programs and laws that matter only to bureaucrats and special interests. I know that if we keep on electing government people to fix government, they will just build bigger empires on our backs.

I’m running for District 18 because I don’t want to look my children in the eye and say I did nothing as their freedoms withered away. Oregonians are sinking under a crushing load of debt, taxes, regulation and illegal immigration. I am not afraid to challenge those who call evil good and good evil, the first step toward fixing these problems.

If you elect me, I’ll be a champion of the People, not a servant of overbearing government. Questions? Call 503-227-1011, x2, or e-mail

(This information furnished by Buchal for District 18.)
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