United States Senator
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Occupation: Owner/Instructor of fitness business “Get Energized!”: book, video, classes - for possible prevention many illnesses, diseases (include cancer) and slowing down the aging process.
(503) 6 GET FIT www.getenergized.com

Occupational Background: Author, Publisher, Producer, Manager, Supervisor, Social Worker, Counselor, Machinist, Truck Driver, Mechanic, Welder, Firefighter, Health and Fitness Advisor, Beekeeper and Trainer/Coach. Received an award for management.

Educational Background: Have 27 years of education. Attended a few universities and colleges. BA + Degree (Moscow, Russia).

Prior Governmental Experience: 2002 Candidate for BOLI, 2000 State Senate Nominee. I’m honest, incorruptible: do not accept any contributions. Left Russia 24 years ago. Tank Army.

Thank you for trusting and voting for me. I’m running for US Senate to stop crimes: political prostitution, bribery/corruption. US Senators Wyden, Smith are ignoring, abusing, not upholding, violating, raping our Constitution, their Oath, Code of Ethics and Pledge to the Flag, not performing duties and obligations and should be in prison for it. Many people are hurt by this judicial
tyranny, discrimination, violation of civil and human rights.
I promise to uphold the provisions of our Constitution,
Economy: I have two plans to boom economy,
Health Care: Drastically reduce medical spending through using my unique fitness program. People must have health insurance.
Seniors: Reduce the cost of drugs,
Education: Improve discipline and quality of education,
Crime: Harder punishment for crimes. Death penalty for brutal rape.
Budget must be balanced in one year. Control spending,
Taxes: We should pay no more than 10% of income / property taxes,
Car Insurance: If no accidents – 50% money back,
Environment: Protect it!
I can solve the traffic problems,
Make peace on the Middle-East,
English must be official language,
Term Limit: PEOPLE voted for it – it must be a Law!
OPB must broadcast forums of Candidates.
I’m a member of the: Elks, OJW, NWABP, NWCA, OBA.
Voting for me is investing in our economy.
I will be your, the PEOPLE’s employee. Government for THE PEOPLE.

(This information furnished by Pavel Goberman.)

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