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Occupation: Co-owner Kruse Farms

Occupational Background: Farmer; Legislator.

Educational Background: Roseburg High School; B.S. Economics Willamette University

Prior Governmental Experience: State Representative 1997-2004; Chair House Health & Human Services Committee; President Oregon Association of Conservation Districts.

An Open Letter From Jeff Kruse To The Voters Of Senate District 1:
Dear Neighbors,
As a native Oregonian, I originally ran for the Legislature to protect the values and quality of life we enjoy here. My public service over the past seven years has reinforced my commitment to creating a less intrusive government that is more accountable to the people.
As your State Senator, I will continue to be that strong voice on your behalf.

Jeff Kruse
KRUSE: Experience & Commitment

“Jeff Kruse is an experienced and thoughtful voice in the Legislature. He is well respected and I look forward to continuing to work with him – representing the interests of Southern Oregon.”
Rep. Wayne Krieger, Gold Beach

KRUSE: Watchdog For Taxpayers

“Jeff Kruse is one of the most consistent voices we have in the Oregon Legislature advocating for lower taxes and an efficient government. Oregon taxpayers need him back in Salem – watching out for all of our pocketbooks!”
Taxpayer Association of Oregon
Jason Williams

KRUSE: Strong Voice For Small Business

“Jeff Kruse understands that the only way to get Oregonians back on the job is to reduce government red tape and unnecessary and expensive mandates on small businesses. When Oregon businesses are thriving Oregonians are
succeeding. Jeff Kruse will continue to be a champion for Oregon small businesses.”
National Federation of Independent Businesses-Oregon
J. L. Wilson

KRUSE: An Experienced & True Advocate For OregonAgriculture

“As a lifelong farmer, Jeff understands the vital role Oregon’s agriculture, timber, and fishery industries play in our economy. We can’t afford to lose that kind of experience - we need Jeff Kruse back in the Legislature.”
Carol A. Russell
Legislative Representative
Oregon Cranberry Farmers’ Alliance

(This information furnished by Committee To Elect Jeff Kruse.)
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