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Occupation: Grain farmer/Oregon State Senator

Occupational Background: Grain Farmer, 1963 – present; Oregon State Senator, 1997 – present; Prosecuting Attorney, 1971 – 1975; Attorney At Law, 1967 – 1981.

Educational Background: University of Montana, Law 1964 – 1967; University of Oregon, Political Science 1960 – 1964; University of California Berkeley 1959 – 1960; Pendleton, Oregon, 1959 Graduate.

Prior Governmental Experience: Oregon State Senate, 1997 – present; Pondera County, Montana, DA 1971 – 1975.

Community Activities: Pendleton Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Oregon Wheat League, (American Bar Association,) Arts Council of Pendleton, College Community Theatre, Babe Ruth Association, Pendleton Swim Association, Education Foundation of Pendleton, Oregon East Symphony, Church of the Redeemer Episcopal.

Serving in the Oregon State Legislature as your Senator has been an honor. During the past eight years, I have served as Majority Leader of the Oregon Senate, chaired Business and Technology Committees, and promoted those programs in education, healthcare, natural resources and business that
improve our quality of life in Northeast Oregon.

SB 622, in the 1999 Session, provided the framework to bring redundant, high speed, broad bandwidth telecommunications services to my district and the entire State. I have supported education from Kindergarten through high school, from Community Colleges to Universities. My philosophy is to promote jobs that can support families.

My office is always open for discussion and debate to find a common solution to problems. I recognize the dedicated workforce in both public and private sectors and am always looking for ways to improve accountability and efficiency in delivery of services to the tax paying public.

I seek re-election to the Oregon State Senate where my experience and leadership qualities will be of value in charting Oregon’s economic recovery; to ensure rural Oregonians have access to quality healthcare and a well educated workforce. My unwavering support of natural resource-based economies while balancing economic recovery with preservation of our environment is ongoing as is my support of local control. I remain dedicated to serving Oregon with honesty and openness.

David Nelson

(This information furnished by David Nelson.)
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