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Occupation: Retired Fire Chief, Klamath County Fire District 1

Occupational Background: Farm Manager, Construction Worker, Central Point Fire Chief 1977-1981, Medford Administrative Fire Chief 1981-1991, Klamath County District 1 Fire Chief 1991-2004

Educational Background: Associate’s degree, Fire Science, Illinois Central College, graduated Highest Honors, Bachelor’s degree, Political Science, Illinois State University Prior Governmental Experience: Jacksonville/Central Point Citizens Advisory Committee; Klamath County Fair Board

Penicook pledges to work for you in Salem. His pledge includes NO NEW TAXES.

Penicook pledges to fight for sufficient funding for EDUCATION. Education prepares today’s students to be tomorrow’s good citizens.

Penicook pledges to PROTECT JOBS in our area, particularly in agriculture, timber and all other natural resource based jobs that are under assault from outsiders. He will work tirelessly to preserve our way of life.

Penicook will work to create jobs and promote ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT.

Penicook is always seeking methods to reduce the cost of government and increase GOVERNMENT EFFICIENCY. Government can not continue to do business as it has in the past.

Penicook pledges to emphasize FAMILY VALUES. His family is the foundation of his successes, as family is for all of us.

Penicook knows how to BALANCE A BUDGET, how to negotiate budget alternatives and when to compromise to achieve budgetary success.

Penicook pledges to KEEP STATE GOVERNMENT SUPPORTIVE of farmers, ranchers and loggers.

Penicook is a LEADER, he is willing to step forward and be counted.

I am pleased to endorse David Penicook for Senator. Penicook earned a reputation as a fiscal conservative while serving as Fire Chief for Klamath County District 1. While serving as a County Commissioner and in the legislature I worked with Penicook and observed his ability to bring solutions to difficult and challenging issues. I urge you to choose David Penicook for State Senator.
Representative Bill Garrard

(This information furnished by Committee to Elect Penicook.)

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