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Occupation: School District Services Specialist, Oregon School Boards Association

Occupational Background: School Business Systems Specialist, Oregon Department of Education: Business Manager, Estacada School District: Supervisor of Student Accounts, Central Washington University.

Educational Background: BA in Business Administration, Central Washington University.

Prior Governmental Experience: Appointed, Estacada City Council in September 1982, elected in November 1982. Appointed to Salem-Keizer School District Budget Committee, 2001-2003.

Personal: Resident of Brooks, Married to Marylin, three children and three grandchildren.

Strong Leadership: Al served 26 years in the Air Force Reserve, retiring as a Chief Master Sergeant.


The Legislature must work with Oregon businesses to create a more positive business environment. Oregon needs a strong business base to create more jobs and preserve the jobs we now have. Al will work to cut out unnecessary business regulations so Oregon can attract new businesses. We need to grow Oregon’s business community.

Al knows education. For 26 years Al has worked to make public education more accountable to taxpayers. As a school business manager, a resource for business officials on the state level, as a consultant to school boards throughout the state, and as an employee of the Oregon School Boards Association, Al advised school business officials and Superintendents in all 36 counties.

Al will use his understanding of school budgets to make sure taxpayer dollars are well spent in our schools. He will strive to make sure all students succeed and ensure our young people have a safe environment in which to learn.

School Budgets
As a member and chair of the Salem-Keizer School District Budget Committee, Al helped the district cut expenses without impacting the classroom. Al continues to demand increased efficiency in all state governmental offices. Al understands his role, as a representative of Oregon’s taxpayers, is to make sure government spends its money wisely. He will gain the trust and respect of Oregon’s voters.

Put Oregon back on track

Endorsed by AFSCME Council 75

(This information furnished by Al Shannon.)
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