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Occupation: Retired large animal veterinarian; equine breeding business; rental housing owner/manager

Occupational Background: Began veterinary career at Klamath Animal Clinic in 1968; became principle owner and manager in 1986; retired from practice in 1994; owned and managed rental housing from 1990 to present; currently owns and operates equine breeding and marketing operation and three small farms in Southern Oregon

Educational Background: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Washington State University; Associate of Arts from Central Oregon Community College; Crook County High School

Prior Governmental Experience: Current President of Water for Life, Inc.; past-President of the Oregon Veterinary Medical Association; OVMA Board of Directors for ten years; past-President - Klamath County Cattleman’s Association Family: wife Gail; three daughters

Community Service: Active in Klamath Basin and state water issues; lecturer at state at regional veterinary conferences; written monthly Cascade Cattleman Magazine column for 15 years; Klamath Bull Sale Committee for 35 years; Oregon Retired Educators Association

What will Doug Whitsett take to Salem?

Fiscal Responsibility when balancing the budget, making sure government spending is controlled and taxes are not raised

Experience with our unique and diverse issues, an understanding of farming, ranching and commercial retailing and a passion for the lifestyle our district provides.

Knowledge about the serious issues we face including property rights, water, agriculture, education, land use and health care

Common-sense approaches to representation, examining government’s core priorities, working with citizens and local and state leaders

“Doug Whitsett is a proven leader. He cares about our communities and will be a good advocate for our region. I strongly support Doug as my replacement in the Senate.”
Senator Steve Harper

Doug is endorsed by:
Oregon Veterinary Medical Association
Bend Equine Medical Center, LLP
Wayne B. Schmotzer, DVM
Rex Barber, Jr.
Gerda Hyde
Leo J. van Dijk, DVM
Robert Buchanan
Cameron Curtiss
Senator Steve Harper
Daniel Harrison, DVM
M. Steven West, Klamath County Commissioner
Carole Canevari
Dr. William Barry
Dean M. Wilson, DVM
Jerry Molatore

(This information furnished by Friends of Doug Whitsett.)

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